Puja Samagri List

Puja’s are performed according to proper Vedic Hindu procedures.


  • If you have any samagri already available in your house then don’t need to purchase it.

  • Click the  specific Puja view or print the list of items needed


  • Kindly text your address (with directions if location is new) 2days in advance. Pandit ji will be available there 30 mins prior of scheduled puja time to arrange the puja items accordingly.


  • IMPT – Incase of any changes to the Puja schedule or any cancellations, Kindly inform [email protected] a day in advance.


  • Donation to the Priest/Pandit ji – At the discretion of the host, and is appreciated, but it’s not included in the specific puja fees as listed on the website.

  • For any additional information, Please reach out to Pundit Ji at (608) 575-9510

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